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Helichrysum Plus Cream

A highly concentrated cream that features helichrysum as both a hydrosol and an essential oil as well as powerfully moisturizing botanical oils like sea buckthorn, rosehip seed, and comfrey infusion. Great for keeping scars moisturized as they heal.

Shea Butter*, Jojoba*, Rosehip Seed Oil*, Herbal Infusion of St. John's Wort*, Calendula*, Lavender*, Plantain* and Comfrey* in Olive Oil*, Wildcrafted Neem Oil, VT Beeswax, Sea Buckthorn Berry Oil, Vitamin E, Carrot Oil, Aloe Vera Juice*, Helichrysum Hydrosol*, Frankincense Hydrosol*, Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Silica, MSM, DMAE, Vegetable Glycerin*, Frankincense Extract*, Pure Organic and Wild Crafted Essential Oils including Helichrysum (*=Organic)