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Benzoin, Organic (Styrax tonkinensis) Laos

Benzoin (organic)
Styrax tonkinensis in organic ethanol

Origin: Laos

Part Used: Resin

Extraction Method: Pure Benzoin is a solid resin at room temperature, our Benzoin is gently heated and combined with organic ethanol to render it more mobile. The dilution is 55% Organic Benzoin to 45% Organic Ethanol.

Sweet, slightly musky, vanilla-like. Used frequently in perfumery.

Body: Anti-inflammatory. Antiseptic. Astringent. Circulatory stimulant. Genito-urinary tonic. Lung tonic and expectorant. Wound healing.

Mind: Sedative, calming and soothing. Relieves exhaustion.

Spirit: Assuring to the spirit. Instills confidence. Supports individuals in releasing grief and worry.

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