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Essential Oils Kit #8 Lavender Collection

Tour the wide world of lavenders with our Lavender Collection Kit. A shrub native to the Mediterranean region and surrounding areas; lavender's aromatic stalks of small purple flowers are well known in the world of aromatherapy, herbal medicine, perfuming and gardening.

This kit features our five most popular lavender essential oils. Each oil smells distinct from the others due to the unique climate and terroir of where it is grown and distilled. Our wildcrafted highland lavender from Italy, for instance, is embued with the fresh, light and breezy scent quality of the Mediterranean highlands. A slightly sharper and more camphorous scent quality can be found in our organic Bulgarian lavender.

This collection is perfect for lavender lovers, herbal enthusiasts and those looking to appreciate and fine-tune their olfactory abilities.

Kit includes one 3.75ml of each:
Lavender, France
Lavender (Organic), France
Lavender (Wildcrafted), France
Lavender (Organic), Bulgaria
Highland Lavender (Wildcrafted), Italy