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Kopikala Body Essence

// Tropical

Every bit as lush and exciting to the senses as the tropics themselves. Coconut combines with Citron, night blooming Jasmine and other tropical aromatics to create a divine scent. Kopikala Body Essence is an irresistible tropical symphony.

About The Collection

Coconut is the inspiration for our Hawai'i Collection of Body Essences. We celebrate this enigmatic tropical aroma for its delicious, sweet scent and because until now coconut scents in body care and perfuming have only been synthetically derived.

The Hawaiian names in this line come from our love of Hawai'i and because of Lunaroma's history in Maui--where we used to have a second shop. We thought Hawaiian words could more accurately represent the beauty and uniqueness of these scents. May this collection help you aromatically travel to the tropical places you love and dream of. Enjoy!

Body Essences carry a stronger scent than Body Colognes but not as strong as our Precious Perfumes. They provide a fresh way to apply a base layer of precious essential oil scents. Great for after the bath or shower, or a quick freshen up during the day without being too strong. A bold enough scent concentration to be used alone or may be strengthened even further by layering the scent with our Hawaii Collection of Ultra Luxe Body Lotions or our Coconut Body Butter.

100% pure botanicals in organic alcohol