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'Aina Ultra Lux Body Lotion

Our daily routines are a perfect opportunity to practice self love. Treat yourself and your skin to the very best with a daily moisturizer made of only pure, clean botanical ingredients with our line of Ultra Lux Body Lotions. Deliciously creamy, luxurious and heavenly scented; you will delight in applying this lotion and love how incredible your skin smells and feels. Each scent is artfully crafted using a blend of precious essential oils and absolutes. Use these lotions alone or along with other body care products and perfumes as part of a scent layering experience.

This Ultra Lux Body Lotion is scented with our most popular essential oil Synergy, Deep Calm. With soft and soothing aromatic notes of lavender, chamomile, bergamot and more it's a perfect scent match for our rich and smooth lotion.