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Blissful Feet w/ AHA

NOTE: Blissful feet is extremely HEAT SENSITIVE! When shipping in hot weather, we cannot assure you will receive it in perfect condition. Heat will cause this product to liquify and change its appearance however, this change will not damage the product.

Treat your feet to Bliss with our softening and renewing foot conditioner. Filled with emollient oils and butters, exfoliating Malic Acid, and Citric acid which are mild Alpha Hydroxy Acids obtained from apples, and citrus fruits as well as apricot kernel shell. Your feet will feel soft, smooth and renewed!

Cocoa Butter, Coconut Oil, Pure African Shea Butter, Organic Jojoba, Organic Herbal infusions of Calendula & St. Johns Wort in Organic Olive Oil, Walnut Shell, Pumice, Malic Acic, Citric Acid, and pure essential oils.

Apply liberally to the feet, rub gently in a circular motion, rinse with warm water, wet washcloth, or foot bath, allow to penetrate for a few minuets, then rinse off with warm water.