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Havana Ultra Luxe Body Cream

This ultra luxurious, heavenly scented body cream is one of Leyla’s newest creations. Using the highest quality botanicals in a rich, hand-blended base, these creams feel like a decadent dessert for the skin. Notice the dewy glow on your skin as the the Ultra Lux Body Cream sinks in, leaving the skin unforgettably soft. Silky smooth to the touch and divine to smell, you’ll love the way you feel in your skin when you use these creams. Our Havana scent captures the allure of a night on the town in this passionate city. Sensual, earthy and bold with notes of jasmine and tobacco, you’ll feel sultry and alive when wearing this Ultra Lux Cream. Leyla blended this scent inspired by her connection to her parents’ native Cuba. Havana is the hometown of her father, Sandalio, and, from all accounts a lively place that awakens the senses.

Organic Jojoba, Organic Coconut Oil, Organic Rosewater, Organic Hydrosols, Organic Shea Butter, VT Beeswax, Organic Glycerin, Pure Essential Oils, Floral Waters, and Absolutes.

Apply our concentrated Ultra Lux body cream after bath or shower while skin is still wet, far a long lasting rich & moisturizing feel.